How to Store Apple

Keep the Apple away from other produce as apples produce ethylene, as it is a ripening agent. Also, Apples keep longer when refrigerated in the crisper drawer but some varieties of apples hold up better for baking than others.

Here are the following steps to store your Apples:

Check for ripeness: Before you buy, you need to check its ripeness as Apples continue to ripen even after they're picked, especially when they're left at room temperature.

Don't store fruits and vegetables together: When apples ripen, they produce ethylene, a gas that can cause other produce nearby to ripen prematurely. For the sake of all the produce in your fridge, it's best to keep ethylene-producing fruits separate from ethylene-sensitive vegetables.

Apples will last longer in refrigerator: Apple should go straight into the crisper drawer, as it will help them stay crisp especially in dark and cool place. Alternatively, you can place a damp towel on top of the apples to help them maintain moisture.

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